Thursday, May 21, 2015

My Journey Back to Health & Into Fitness

Stepping out of my comfort zone and into the world of Beachbody coaching

Timing. It's crucial to a lot of things, and to whether they do or do not happen. There is good timing and bad timing, but most importantly there is God's timing. Three months before my husband Jeff and I met and started dating, we were both at my cousin's 29th birthday party/soccer game. I met his twin brother and my future sister-in-law that day, but neither of us saw the other. God had other plans.  

A year after Jeff and I married, a friend's post on Facebook struck a chord within me. She extended an invitation to join her for a 7-day {Shakeology} challenge. I had heard of Shakeology before from other Beachbody coaches I knew, but I had not previously paid attention, nor was I interested.  For some reason, I felt a tug on my gut and heard a tiny voice whisper, "accept the invitation".  I ran the idea by Jeff, and he was fine with my spending $35 for a week's supply of shakes to try them out.

I really liked the shakes and how they made me feel, and I purchased a challenge pack (with Focus T-25) after the conclusion of the challenge.  After talking a bit with my friend Angel, I decided to sign up as a Beachbody coach so I could get the discount on the shakes each month.  On occasion, I would invite people to participate in challenges, but I didn't do anything major with coaching.  When I became pregnant with the twins, Angel encouraged me to start actively working on making coaching a business and I began to think about it.  

Fast forward to now.  Our sweet MadMax boys will be 6 months old (!!!) tomorrow (how did that happen?!?), and in the past couple months, a lot has changed.  Jeff and I did a 3-Day Refresh and are now both on Shakeology daily.  We accepted a Diet Bet challenge which wraps up on Memorial Day, and we are working hard to win.  On June 6th, we will start the Ultimate Reset, which is a 21-day program to detox and hit the "reset button" on our bodies.  I will blog about that experience here.  The most exciting change, however, is that Jeff signed up as a coach on my team!  Again with God's timing - a fire has been lit under us, and we are ready to overhaul our health and fitness, and help others along the way.  Our sweet neighbor, Donna, decided she wants to be Fit by 50 and has also become a coach with us.  Team Fit Just Wright has now formed and we are ready to get to work!  


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